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About Ciao Abruzzo Tours

Chef Ezio and his wife Marie’s Ciao Abruzzo Tours bind their passionate love of authentic regional Italian cooking by showing off Ezio’s spectacular homeland Abruzzo, where central Italy meets the south and the Apennine Mountains meet the Adriatic Sea.

Culinary Heritage

A born and bred ‘Abruzzese’, Ezio emigrated to the US after he finished high school in Sulmona, L’Aquila.  The combined pull of this fascinating Italian region just a short drive from Rome, and his strong Italian heritage ensured that he regularly returned home to his hometown of Prezza, nicknamed the balcony of Abruzzo.

A Heritage & Career in  Food

Whilst in the US he advised some of America’s most well know American food corporations before opening two successful Italian restaurants and winning many awards for his cuisine.

The Art of Real Regional Italian Cooking

Semi-retired he now lives in Rhode Island for 8 months of the year with his beloved American wife.  Here he teaches real Italian cooking on both the local TV station and at much sought after pop-up workshops, and returns to Abruzzo each summer where he has hosted Italian cooking holidays since 2013.



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A casa di Ezio” arrivano ospiti, il saluto del sindaco Marianna Scoccia

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Ezio making battered zucchini flowers
Ezio at Market
Ezio the Italian